Towing & Tandems

Want to get into flying? Or is the Mountain blown out?
Towing and tandems are where many local pilots go to train, and thermal!

Enchanted Air Paragliding (run by Chuck Woods) is a local (Phoenix and sometimes Albuquerque) certified paragliding instructor and tow operator. Enchanted Air does tandem flights, lessons, and towing for visiting and local pilots.

Sandia Soaring Association does not offer any tandem flights or instruction. Chuck Woods is a local instructor that is not affiliated with Sandia Soaring Association, but is located in the Albuquerque area.


Whether getting a tandem flight, solo flight hours, or trying big XC, these grassland towing sites provide great access to thermalling, maneuvers, or learning the basics.

Within an  hour of Albuquerque, it is reasonable to tow in the morning, and fly another site in the afternoon.

Chuck does towing year round in the Phoenix and Albuquerque areas.  


Not unlike the Corn Alps, or Florida's towing scene, towing here is one of the quickest ways to get up into the air in New Mexico. Experienced pilots can do extended XC flights from Tome or the Rio Puerco.  Towing offers a taste of what NM Big Air has to offer, and is a great alternative on the weekends. (Towing is how Will Gadd flew the NM record PG flight).