Thank you for joining or renewing your membership in the Sandia Soaring Association (SSA). The SSA has been around since 1979. We administer, insure, and maintain three central New Mexico sites for the benefit of all club members. Annual dues include all membership rights and benefits.

 Some of the SSA Membership Benefits

Membership Requirements

The SSA is a local chapter of USHPA, (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association). USHPA Pilot membership is required** and by submitting my Annual or Visitor SSA Application / Renewal, by proceeding to Payment, I agree to maintain USHPA membership in good standing when flying and or participating in SSA activities.

In order to fly regulated sites in the US, you will need to be a USHPA member (10-Day affiliate or Pilot) and you will be required to hold whatever rating/skill level is required for that particular site. (via your home country rating card, an IPPI card, or an active USHPA rating).

By paying dues or submitting the membership form (below), I also reaffirm

**Non Rated Students

May Join SSA if and only if they have a valid USHPA pilot membership.

**Visiting International Pilots

You will first need an annual USHPA Pilot (rated P2-P5 and/or H2-H5) or "Student/Affiliate 10-day" membership (Membership Levels).  The Student/Affiliate 10-day Membership is a hard-copy form that you will need to get from a USHPA member holding a current, valid Instructor certification (SSA can not issue these).  You must get this in person as the instructor will need to verify your home country rating card plus your IPPI card.  The instructor will then give you the affiliate paper membership card which you will need to keep with you (along with your home country rating and IPPI cards) when flying SSA sites.  This will have your temporary USHPA membership # that you will need when filling out the SSA Registration form (see "Steps to Join or Renew your Membership" section below).

Once you have your USHPA pilot or Student/Affiliate 10-day Membership card, you may join the SSA with a Visitor or Annual Membership. 

***If you want to fly the Sandia Peak, be sure to review the requirements for visiting international pilots.

Please see the International pilot information page at USHPA for more details.

Peak Pass

The SSA has full annual and one month visiting pilot memberships like most USHPA chapters.  The SSA also has something unique called a "Peak Pass" that can optionally be purchased IN ADDITION to your membership.

Peak Passes helps us pay for the liability insurance that is required by the Sandia Peak Tram in order for free-flight pilots to ride the Tram for the purposes of free-flight off of the Sandia mountains. We are the last club with Tram access in the country, in large part because of the high cost of insurance.   The Peak Pass dues do not cover all of our Tram related insurance costs.  Please consider including a donation when you fill out the membership form.  We'd be grateful if you would contact us to discuss other fundraising ideas to help us keep the Tram access possible.

Once you have purchased a Peak Pass and met the requirements in the Sandia Site Guide, this allows you to purchase a Tram ticket from the Sandia Peak Tramway so that you can ride the Tram to the Sandia Peak launch with your PG or HG equipment.

Membership Dues


Annual SSA Membership$100.  This includes voting rights in the SSA.  You are allowed to fly at all the SSA sites and launches, but without the peak pass you will not be allowed to ride the tram to the Peak launch.

Annual SSA Membership with Peak Pass$250.  Select this if purchasing or renewing your annual membership and peak pass.

Starting in 2023, Bylaws updates were voted in and annual memberships now run from October 1 - September 30.  Your membership will expire Sep 30 and renewals will be due in October; this year if purchased before Sep 1, next year if purchased after Sep 1.  A few points for clarity..  

One Month Visitor

Visitor One Month SSA Membership:  $50. This is good for one month from the day you pay dues and does not include voting rights.  You are allowed to fly at all the SSA sites and launches, but without the peak pass you will not be allowed to ride the tram to the Peak launch.

Visitor One Month SSA Membership with Peak Pass$125.  This is a combination membership + Peak Pass for 1 Month.  Select this if you are visiting pilot and intend to access the Peak launch via the Tram.

Add Peak Pass

If you would like to add the Peak Pass after purchasing a membership without it, please Contact Us to request this.

Steps to Join or Renew your Membership

Visiting International Pilots:  Please see the "**Visiting International Pilots" section above on how to get your temporary USHPA membership # that you will need for the SSA Member Registration form.

** To be clear:  You are paying for dues in the SSA and/or a Peak Pass, a chapter of USHPA. You are NOT paying for flights, tandems, instruction, transportation to our sites or any other service or product.