New Mexico’s history of Free Flight is like many other areas.  New comers hear the stories. It started with a small crew of folks crazy enough to work with the equipment of the day and jump off the local mountains.  As technology progressed so did the feats of courage. Many of these flights will go unnoticed.  Hopefully these stories, besides taking New Mexico free flight out of the darkness, will give new folks a sense of the tenacity of those that came before them.  There are some great pilots in New Mexico.



Many long flights have been done off Sandia Peak, and there are a bunch of unsung heros. Some flights will go unshared.  But there have been flights towards Cuba, Las Vegas, Mountain Air, Clines Corners, Tucumcari, Colorado and other far off locations, some of which  have not been repeated. 

Here is Nick Wilder's site to see 

And then there are the longest flights.  Here is a short list of known flight record holders, and some significant distance flights:

From Sandias:

From Dry Canyon: