About Us


The Sandia Soaring Association, SSA, operates as a 100% Volunteer Organization. The Sandia Soaring Association is registered with the State of New Mexico as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation and Federally as a 501(c)(7) Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organization.

Our Flying Sites:  In central New Mexico centered around Albuquerque we enjoy year round high desert flying.  We enjoy winter soaring sites and big high desert air mountain and flatland flying.  If you have not flown at a site lately, we encourage you to contact the club for a site briefing and and read the Site Guides to get current information. All of our flying sites are sensitive to abuse and subject to closure at any time. In many tempting areas, we are not permitted to launch or land; please do not endanger our sites by launching and landing in illegal areas, by flying in an unsafe manner or by being rude to other pilots or the public. In general, exercise caution and consideration with regard to the local population and property. Avoid landing near livestock. Do not climb on fences; instead, go under. Stay on roads. Never damage or destroy property. Be unobtrusive and leave quickly if landing out in undesignated areas.

Meetings: The club meets quarterly (April/July/Oct/Jan) to discuss issues related to our mission, discuss topics in general free flight and socialize. The meetings are held at a variety of locations and all information can be found on the club's Calendar.  Default scheduled meeting date is 2nd Thursday of the month unless stated otherwise on the Calendar. 

Radio Information: Members of the SSA use 2-meter ham radios for communication. For safety and convenience, it is strongly recommended that pilots obtain their "Technician Class" amateur radio operator license, and fly with a radio.  Our New normal frequency is 151.925 Mhz.


Current Club Officers:

President:           James DuPlain
Vice President:  Jeremy Hebert
Treasurer:           David Harrington
Secretary:           Greg Clark
Safety Officer:    Steve Ford

Appointed Non-Voting Extended Board Positions:

Website: Skip McGee & Jeff Wayland

Advisory Board Representatives:

Shawn Scott
Dan Shorb
Brian Reindl
Max Montgomery